Better Listen

Never End 

Wynn Frescos’ new release Never End is the vibe this summer.

"The feeling of knowing you’re doing what you were meant to do and being grateful for the journey along the way."

Enjoying each moment as you walk in your truth and never wanting it to end. Available on all platforms May 27th.


Unconditional love is rare to come by now days. Wynn Fresco next release "True" featuring Atlanta naive Freco describes the feeling of being in love and wanting to know what's the real.

"No relationship is perfect but exactly how much do you have to deal with. Is what we have real? Can you keep it 100 with me? Is this love between us true?"

Better Listen 

How could you not? 

Wynn Frescos' latest release "Better Listen" gives insight on what exactly motivates him. 

"Everything I've been through. A lot was going on between losing my grandmother and not listening to her when she was trying to get me to come to Jacksonville for a while, ended up getting locked up, and not making it out there to see her. To just people I was around. We supposed to be doing this music thing together, but people be turning."

Better Listen focuses on intuition. Listening to that gut feeling or suffer the consequences.